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The Deebar Rail-Veyor® is a unique Bulk Material Transport System that combines the best features of both the standard conveyor belt and rail systems for transporting material.  It conveys material with high flexibility at an increased capacity while being able to negotiate curves like a rail system.


The Deebar Rail-Veyor® system has numerous advantages, some of which include:

 - Low operational cost owing to its low energy use.

- A non-polluting drive system uses electricity to drive the system instead of
  fume emitting vehicles.

- No material spillage owing to the rubber interconnecting flaps.

- The design allows the train to pass through low tunnels and bridges to avoid     

- The initial cost of the system is low.

- The system is fully automated from loading to tipping.

- Deebar Rail-Veyor® can negotiate curves of up to 29 degrees.

- The Rail-Veyor has been tested up inclines at 20% (11.31 degrees)

Another benefit the system offers is that no direct operator control is needed as the system runs automatically and allows for multiple-dump passes, since the same loop allows for multiple loading stations and dumps.

Deebar offers a custom-designed Rail-Veyor® system made specifically to suit a given site. We carry out an assessment of the area, to determine the following: Required tons an hour, material type and bulk density, haul distance, estimated material size, material condition (wet, dry or solid percentage), elevation variation, including maximum incline or decline, surface or underground and tipping method.